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Conscious Flow Vinyasa Yoga
Conscious Flow Vinyasa Yoga combines dynamic flowing postures with breath awareness and a deep mindful presence.  It is a moving meditation that connects us with our deepest self, our environment, and our creative spark.  Taking cues from the natural world, the practice uses circular, spiraling, rhythmic patterns of movement to bring us into harmony with the Earth
and her creatures and moments of pause to allow for a deep inner connection to the practice of yoga.  You will leave your mat feeling refreshed, confident, and inspired to follow your own intuitive guidance. 

On-going Conscious Flow Vinyasa Yoga Classes (Times & Locations)

Richmond, Virginia
Rigby's Jig
Saturdays @ 10:45 am

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal Yoga helps women prepare for birth by strengthening the muscles needed to travel smoothly through labor, by helping to reduce some of the discomfort brought about by pregnancy, and by bringing a sense of peace and relaxation that you can carry into your labor and beyond. It's the single best thing a future mom can do to prepare herself physically, mentally, and emotionally to be a mOM.

Currently teaching Prenatal Yoga private lessons only.

Workshops & Teacher Training
Candy is available to teach workshops, master classes, and yoga teacher training modules at your studio in Conscious Flow Yoga, Prenatal yoga, Kids Yoga and other formats. 
Call or write for details!

Current Workshop Locations

Greensboro, North Carolina
Mind Body Fitness Yoga

Current Teacher Training  Locations

Richmond, Virginia
4025 Yoga

Greensboro, North Carolina
Mind Body Fitness Yoga

Also teaching on-going classes including Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Pilates @ these clubs:  American Family, Richmond Athletic Club, Midlothian Family YMCA, Weinstein JCC, Meadowbrook Country Club, Westwood Club, Dominion Power.  

Hope to see you on the mat!