Candy Evans, eryt500, yacep - mindful joy in practice
Gentle Flow Yoga
Combines gentle flowing postures and Restorative postures with breath awareness and a deep mindful presence.  It is a moving meditation that connects us with our deepest self, our environment, and our creative spark.  Taking cues from the natural world, the practice uses circular, spiraling, rhythmic patterns of movement to bring us into harmony with the Earth and moments of pause to allow for a deep inner connection. You will leave your mat feeling refreshed, confident, and inspired to follow your own intuitive guidance. 

Held in Richmond, Virginia at:

Rigby's Jig
Saturdays @ 10:45 am

Candy is available to teach workshops, master classes, and yoga teacher training modules at your studio.  Call or write for details!

On Going Classes
Also teaching on-going classes including Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Pilates at a variety of clubs around Richmond, Virginia.  Look for my classes where you belong.  

Hope to see you on the mat!

Check out my YouTube Channel: Yoga Candy for videos you can do at home or in the office.  

Yoga Instruction in a choice of Styles, Pilates, Meditation and Mindfulness: $50 per hour
Experience the benefits of yoga for yourself or a few friends. Styles range from fast paced flowing classes where one pose moves seamlessly into the next to slower paced classes where poses are held for longer periods of time.  I can customize the practice to meet your needs and physical requirements!
Small or Large Group Tai Chi for Health Instruction: $50 per hour
Tai Chi is often referred to as a "soft Martial Art".  This practice uses flowing, gentle movements in a set sequence that becomes a moving meditation practice.  Health benefits include greater peace of mind, reduced stress, reduction of pain from arthritis, and a boost to cognitive development.  I teach the Yang Short Form Style and the Sun Style Solo Forms.

Corporations and Non-Profit Organizations wishing to provide on-going Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates or Meditation Instruction or Mindfulness Training to their clients or employees are encouraged to ask for multi-session pricing.