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Welcome your deepest self, to your inner spark, to the rhythm of life, to a healthy body, mind and heart...welcome!

Welcome to Laughing Buddha...mindful joy in practice. 

Laughing Buddha is the chi/prana/energy of all the best things of life.  It is pure joy in existence. It is the interconnected web of being as cyber-sangha.  A  community of souls gathered to unite body and breath, mind and heart, earth and sky in a celebration of our very being.  Laughing Buddha is maintained by Candy Evans and shared by all the lovely people who join me in practice.  For more information about me, my classes, workshops, or scheduling a session please take a look around.  I look forward to practicing with you.  Peace!

"Yoga simply put - you on your mat, in a shape. It's not about the shape,
it's about the process, the process of learning to feel this breath,
to feel this body, to breathe into this body, to breathe into this shape,
and listening on a really deep level."
-Stephanie Keach